Saturday, 13 June 2015

Madonna: Rebel heart (The Fine Tuner version)

Here's my own perfect version of the Rebel Heart album by Madonna. I've included three tracks not on the original album and have omitted quite a few others.

I've added in 'Queen' - one of my favourite Madonna tracks reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys 'Behaviour' era. Have a listen to the lyrics and decide what you think it's about. 'Queen' would have finished the album perfectly, following on from the 'DJ Yiannis Strings Intro Mix' of 'Ghosttown' which I'm including as a late album reprise. I am at a loss as to why 'Queen' wasn't included on one of the three versions of the actual album.

I've also added in 'Never Let You Go' -  a leaked demo from the album which is another gem that should have been included over the likes of 'Holy Water', 'Sex' or the awful 'Autotune Baby'.

The only thing that would have made the album even more perfect IMHO would have been a completed version of the Avicii demo of the title track which was headed to be far superior to the official version that was actually included.

I've included links to the three additional tracks (and the demo of 'Rebel Heart') below.

Let me know what you think of my version of Rebel Heart.

Rebel Heart (The Fine Tuner version)
1. Living For Love
2. Unapologetic Bitch
3. Devil Pray
4. Rebel Heart
5. Ghosttown
6. Illuminati
7. Never let You Go
8. Veni Vidi Vici
9. Bitch I'm madonna
10. Joan of Arc
11. Inside Out
12. Wash All Over Me
13. Ghosttown (DJ Yiannis Strings Intro Mix)
14. Queen

Madonna - Rebel Heart (Avici Demo Version)

Madonna - Never Let You Go

Madonna Ghosttown (DJ Yiannis Strings Intro Mix)

Madonna - Queen

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