Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dao Jones - Good At Being Single

The excellent Dao Jones track "Good At Being Single" from the new album 100 Years. Details of the release from below...

A brand new mixtape from the New York recording artist Dao Jones hit the blogsphere two weeks ago titled 100 Years. Produced solely by himself with assistance from his brother Frank Drake, Dao has delivered a diamond in the rough with 100 Years. The vibe throughout the project is in the moment, the wordplay and concept is perfect timing for today’s generation currently at the fork in the road in their life. A perfect jumping point for fans looking to get to know the upriser and along with those looking to get familiar with a new artist. 100 Years is a life told through beats and rhymes of Dao Jones and the young man definitely has a unique story to tell that many can relate too. Dao spits some realism over the productions, he is definitely a new artist the world needs to look out for as that next artist to create a project that will change up the game similar to So Far Gone and Overly Dedicated. A little bit of something for everyone in this project. Hit the play and get familiar with a great new sound.

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