Thursday, 3 April 2014

Boy George - Live Your Life

So on Sunday night Ruth and I saw Boy George live again at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh. As I said on Twitter he was entertaining, gracious and funny and is definitely one of my favourite live artists. It makes me sad that so many people don't know any of his output since the Culture Club days. His current album This Is What I Do is a fantastic album which is well worth listening to all the way through - here's the first two singles from the album as previously posted on The Fine Tuner: 

The track in the video above is one of my favourites from the album - it's called "Live Your Life" and is a reggae influenced, inspiring track about being different and about self acceptance...

Everybody knew the boy was strange
They raised him in whispers
Oh how they prayed
The demons would go away
His daddy was cruel
He tried to make him tough
Always afraid to give him too much love
Too much love

At the end of 2013 Zoo Magazine featured Boy George styled by Jean Paul Gaultier and photographed by Bryan Adams. These amazing images are some of the results. Click on the link for more: 

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